Puget Island 6.25.2018

A small island in the Puget Sound of Washington state.

  1. rexregum93
    Puget Island is a small island in the Puget Sound. I have placed a lot of emphasis on realism and i tried to make this feel like a real place. The island has a small town, a drag strip, a port, a swamp, a rally stage, and many roads. This is my first map so some things may not be perfect. If you notice any issues or have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

    Know issues:

    AI not working very well


    1. screenshot_00000.png
    2. screenshot_00001.png
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    5. screenshot_00005.png
    6. screenshot_00006.png
    7. screenshot_00007.png
    8. screenshot_00008.png
    9. screenshot_00009.png
    10. screenshot_00010.png
    11. screenshot_00011.png
    12. screenshot_00012.png
    13. screenshot_00013.png
    14. screenshot_00014.png
    15. screenshot_00015.png
    16. screenshot_00016.png
    17. screenshot_00017.png
    18. screenshot_00018.png
    19. screenshot_00019.png
    20. screenshot_00020.png
    21. screenshot_00021.png
    22. screenshot_00022.png
    23. screenshot_00023.png
    24. minimap.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Brian Lee
    Brian Lee
    Version: 6.25.2018
    Really good rendition of this beautiful place right here, can you try making Bellevue, WA if you have time? Also, the rain really sets the tone for Seattle, WA.
  2. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: 6.25.2018
    It's really good.
  3. gtpdzbiz
    Version: 6.25.2018
    Nice map! As a south puget sound resident it's good to see a map that represents this beautiful area.
  4. Ewanc
    Version: 6.25.2018
    The rain and muddy trails really drive home the fact that its the Pacific North West. Ive lived in Seattle and Portland, so I know the weather all to well. Great job mapping out the island. Was it made with real world data? The only thing it needs is a little leveling/smoothing along a few of the roads and maybe some road signs.
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Yeah some of the roads are a little rough. This is my first map so i'm still trying to figure it all out. The map was made entirely by myself with no real world data. I just laid the roads out more or less by random while trying to keep it organized and realistic.
  5. Brickturn
    Version: 6.25.2018
    Finally! A use for my Washington plates. Can't wait to drive my Automation cars on it too :) Great work
  6. PremiumCasey6
    Version: 6.25.2018
    Nice map, hope to see more in the future :D
  7. Kuthlive
    Version: 6.25.2018
    this is honestly really cool. My mother lives in Washington state (about 1 hr away from the puget sound), so i know where this is exactly. Good job!
  8. Abe Markillie
    Abe Markillie
    Version: 6.25.2018
    I live on Bainbridge and this looks similar
  9. tsunamidrew
    Version: 6.25.2018
    Living in Washington state i approve of this
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Awesome, i tried to make it as accurate as possible. I've never been to Washington but i hope to move there one day.
  10. oof12345
    Version: 6.25.2018
    i like this type of maps:)
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Thank you me too. I feel like most maps are either tropical islands or deserts so i did something different.
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