Pseudo Random Tour

Drive from a random position to another random position, via a random vehicle!

  1. UI Resolution Fixes + General Improvements

    This update address some issues with different resolutions scaling the start UI in strange ways as well as some general changes:
    • Start UI now scales better with different resolutions - tested internally
      (within BeamNG) and it seems to work well with 720p, 1080p and 4k. I only have a 1080p monitor so i don't know how well BeamNG simulated 4k so if you have a 4k (or 2k) monitor and are experiencing problems, let me know via PM :)
    • Fixed the first waypoint sometimes spawning where the vehicle does - fixes an issue of the map not being updated and internal code erroring if this happens before the scenario is actually set up
    • A bug from last update: I removed the countdown UI but you couldn't drive until 3 seconds anyway - that has been fixed so you can now drive as soon as you click start
    • Some small changes to the start UI:
    • - '?' boxes are gone and put inside the 'more info' button tab
    • - Removed some unecessary info in the 'more info' button tab
    • - Small description changes/grammar improvements
    • - To help with better scaling, the start UI is now begins at the top of the screen - to give priority over the checkpoints UI, the .json files have been updated. As such, any modded maps generated manually before this update will not have this adjustment. The easiest way to regenerate these is to delete the 'levels' folder in your BeamNG.Drive directory (usually in MyDocuments) and then regenerate using the button on the UI again
    I also want to address the randomness (or lack thereof) in the paths generated, but I've hit a brick wall with that so it hasn't made it into this version, but it is on my todo list at some point ;).
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