Pseudo Random Tour

Drive from a random position to another random position, via a random vehicle!

  1. Another round of fixes

    Some more bug fixes and general misc changes:
    • Fixed the initial Vivace spawning in the ground in Jungle Rock Island since the map overhaul update
    • Cursor now turns to a pointer when hovering over checkboxes on the start UI so it's more clear if you are hovered over them
    • Fixed being able to start a blank route after generating at least one route beforehand
    • Removed Industrial Site from the PRT scenarios list - following an infinite loop exploit, it seems this map doesn't work very well with generating any route longer than 1km. As such, this has been removed
    • Made the map size dynamic so that it takes up (roughly) the same proportion of space on different sized screens - IMPORTANT: any modded maps generated manually before this update will not have this adjustment. The easiest way to regenerate these is to delete the 'levels' folder in your BeamNG.Drive directory (usually in MyDocuments) and then regenerate using the button on the UI again
    • Removed the countdown - seemed unecessary and also fixes an issue where this Ui blocks (on scenario spawning) some of the buttons from working on the start UI
    • rotected against an issue where generating a path can cause an infinite loop. The path generation system will now try 100 times and then give up - note: you may find that a route of a given length cannot be generated, and then clicking generate again does generate a route. This is not a bug, but rather a side effect of only trying 100 times and not every possible path option (which is pretty infeasible)
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