Pseudo Random Tour

Drive from a random position to another random position, via a random vehicle!

  1. Fixes and improvements

    A few fixes and some new features and general improvements:
    • Fixed an issue with the circuit generator backup system getting stuck in an infinite loop in certain conditions
    • Fixed saving not working properly if the scenario is reset beforehand
    • Fixed 'keep current vehicle' option not working when loading a route
    • Fixed 'always sunny' option not removing the weather affect from a previously generated route
    • Fixed waypoint UI not resetting once a new path is generated
    • Fixed second waypoint not showing up on the map UI at the start
    • Routes now obey road direction, so no more paths leading to oncoming traffic
    • Better route generation for routes larger than the map (ie. no more circuits) - far less chance of u-turns as well
    • Randomised road-arrow indicator's colour (colours generated are always bright so as to not be hard to see)
    • Adjust some achievements (changes below are for all tiers; the values are for the diamond tier):
    • 'Lifetime Waypoints' - increased from 800 -> 1200
    • 'Single Scenario Waypoints' - decreased from 400 -> 160
    • 'Single Scenario Distance' - decreased from 40km -> 32km
    • UI now remembers the last used settings between generating routes
    • Added in route driveability metric to the generated preview - shows the asphalt to offroad score
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