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Beta Project 2-piece 0.95

Original BeamNG wheels converted into a 2-piece system

  1. Color update, Size Class 2

    +added some color options for Size Class 2
    +small naming corrections
  2. Color update, Size Class 1

    -Added color choices for size class 1
    -texture fixes
    -added an alternate version for ZT55 wheels
  3. Update 0.93: Wheel lip geometry and texturing corrections

    -Wheel lip geometry/texturing corrections
    -More stretched tyres sizes
    -More colors for basketweave (also available on 4-lug cars now)
    -Other smaller fixes
  4. Race Slicks + some 4-lug wheels


    -Sport5 wheel face mesh fixes
    -New wheels (4-lug)
    -Race Slicks added
    -Tyre performance Tweaks
    -Naming corrections
  5. Fixes and new styles


    - QOL fixes:

    - wheel and tyre sizes now auto-select (defaults) when picking a wheel

    - Naming Changes:

    - "barrel" changed to "size"

    - New stuff:

    -New wheel styles (6)
    - td5 (S2),
    - 5Sport (S2),
    - xSport (S2),
    - sComfort (S2),
    - kc5 (S2),
    - SBRS2 (S2),

    + other various bits here and there
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