Precious Cargo Suite 1.5

Your new delivery business starts here!

  1. If this works, I'll eat my hat

    -Updated screenshots
    -Fixed Covet location
    -Extended PC2
    -Added props to PC2
    -Added cars to PC2
    -Added directional debris on PC1
    -Fixed floating rocks on PC1
    -Removed PC3
  2. Correct Prefabs

    -Renamed PC1 files
    -Included the only local prefabs (the CORRECT prefabs)
  3. Manually Packed


    -PC3 Fixed (Fingers Crossed)
    -PC3 waypoints updated
    -Manually packed this version

    The only way to tell if everything is actually fixed is loading up Precious Cargo 1 REVISED, and reading the license plate on the box truck. If it says "TRNSPRT" then you are on the most recent version of the mod.
  4. Re-Upload

    Doesn't change anything, just re-uploaded the mod to try and fix the "air spawn" on PC3. It is working fine on my end.
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