Unsupported Port Peril V1.0.1

Drive a lifted sunburst for a ride around the port

  1. Darthbob555
    Another scenario around the port that takes a custom configuration of the sunburst. The track will likely require a few goes to know the fastest route around the scenario.

    "Your friend bought a classic sunburst with the 'other' packages included. You feel that you want to test it and, to your surprise, you find yourself at the wheel of it. TIPS AND HINTS - The custom version of the sunburst has no bumblers to get caught on lips and jumps. The car is very powerful; don't use all of the power or you will loose control."

    20160408163814_1.jpg 20160408163817_1.jpg 20160408163833_1.jpg 20160408163843_1.jpg

    Thanks to Levy3poop for the video:

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  1. Typo's fixed

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  1. Levy3Poop
    Version: V1.0.1
    I'm really diggin' these port scenarios! I particularly like the technicality of this level, and the confusion of "wait...where's the next checkpoint??"

    Great job :D
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