Unsupported Polish Roads 2.2

Semi-realistic map based on Poland

  1. Christmas Update!

    Changelog for 2.2:
    - Added few new textures and details
    - Added lot of new assets
    - Added more layers to roads
    - Cleaned up files
    - Converted all materials to json system to improve compatibility
    - Fixed cache issue
    - Fixed few sounds
    - Fixed info json
    - Fixed license plates
    - Fixed lot of errors
    - Fixed lua
    - Fixed river materials
    - Fixed terrain issues
    - Improved assets
    - Improved clutter
    - Improved compatibility with 0.21
    - Improved decal roads
    - Improved decalroads textures
    - Improved...
  2. ez fix

  3. Winter Update!

    Changelog for 2.1:
    - updated maps for BeamNG 0.18.x
    - added winter
    - Fixed textures format (sRGB to Linear).

    screenshot_2020-02-17_16-09-58.png screenshot_2020-02-17_16-11-00.png
  4. Polish Roads Revisited

    - Added hall for train rerailer
    - Added new car dealer model
    - Added new reverb
    - Added new shop model
    - Added new sounds
    - Added parking zones
    - Added real polish signs
    - Added tons of details, like wires, decals, graffiti, etc
    - Added train rerailer
    - Added whooshes
    - Completely reworked railroad
    - Completely reworked roads
    - Fixed broken lods
    - Fixed cache error
    - Fixed floating trees
    - Fixed materials
    - Fixed missing statics
    - Improved Bus Routes
    - Improved Performance on...
  5. The Final Update

    New update add:
    - Spring Variant
    - Drift Track
    - Completely rebuilded countryside
    - New assets
    - Much better performance, optimized LODs and much more
    - New textures
    - Map is more compatible with older GPUs now (fixed pow2 errors, etc)*
    - New ScatterSky system
    - New vegetation
    - Fixed bugs from previous version
    - Industrial Site
    - Scrapyard
    - Garages
    - Windfarm
    - Improved roads

    *We tested map on some kind of GPUs such as: GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1050ti, GTX 960, GTX 645, NVS 5200M, Intel...
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  6. First hotfix for Polish Roads 1.3

    What fixed:
    - fixed badly placed lights
    - fixed broken rails
    - fixed bugged plate
    - fixed snow groundmodel, now its snow not ice
    - fixed falling snow
    - cleaned up some things
    - backported some features from upcoming map
    - added new liveries for buses (you need to download AiTorror's mod)
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  7. Winter and Road Update

    What new?
    - Updated map for 0.15
    - Fixed textures
    - Fixed broken imposters
    - New loading script
    - Added winter variant
    - Added summer variant
    - Reworked roads
    - Slightly improved offroad
    - Fixed bus stops
    - Added full sized plate
    - Removed rain variant
    - Removed some campaign related things
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  8. Autumn Update

    New update adds:
    - reworked car repair place in village
    - reworked roads in estate 2 and estate 1
    - added details
    - changed some roads
    - good bye summer, now autumn is in Poland
    - new skins by @waboll
    - fixed bugs from 1.1
    - new LUA code by @thomatoes50

    screenshot_2018-11-07_14-48-35.png screenshot_2018-11-07_14-49-39.png screenshot_2018-11-07_14-51-44.png screenshot_2018-11-07_15-47-36.png
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  9. Rain update and more

    New update adds:
    -new road textures (its base for next update too with much more realistic road system, signs, etc)
    -new buildings by @The Shotty + reworked estate 1
    -Rainy map variant
    -Improved performance (by adding LODs and optimalizing some meshes)
    -Added car dealer
    -Fixed some buildings

    screenshot_00881.png screenshot_00882.png screenshot_00883.png screenshot_00884.png screenshot_00885.png screenshot_00886.png screenshot_00887.png
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