Beta Polish Emergency And Not-Emergency Servise Pack 0.228

Pack of configs. Perfect for " Polish Roads"

  1. More configs for God of configs

    Whats new?
    1. H-series:
      1. Polish Post
      2. Polish Army
      3. Polish Border Control
      4. Polish Military Gendarmerie
    2. Pessima '89
      1. Polish Military Gendarmerie
      2. Polish Border Control
      3. "MILICJA"
    3. Sunburst
      1. "MILICJA" - 2 configs
    4. I-series
      1. Student Driver
    5. DT40L
      1. Prison Transport

    screenshot_00051.png screenshot_00050.png screenshot_00049.png screenshot_00044.png

    Special thanks to:
    For their suggestions

    its not last update...
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