Police Antennas/ALPR Decorative System for the Grand Marshal/Roamer/Bastion ! 1.3

This mod adds decorative police antennas and ALPR system to the Grand Marshal/Roamer/Bastion !

  1. Bastion Update !

    This update add the ALPR/Antennas mod to the Bastion !


    Plus one "ALPR POLICE" skin.

    It also make the textures better looking.

    Have fun !

    -Kemro Industries
  2. HUGE UPDATE / Added police antennas, and an ALPR system for the Roamer!

    This update add :

    -Police antennas for the Grand Marshal.
    -ALPR System for the Roamer
    -Police antennas for the Roamer
    -A ALPR Skin for the Roamer

    screenshot_2021-04-08_15-02-24.png screenshot_2021-04-08_15-02-35.png screenshot_2021-04-08_15-02-42.png screenshot_2021-04-08_15-02-48.png screenshot_2021-04-08_15-03-20.png
  3. No more black trim on the Grand Marshal.

    Just a little update that remove the black trim. Thanks to Scruffy 517 for the help !

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