Beta Pizza Run 1.1

Deliver pizzas as fast as you can before the timer runs out!

  1. New Scenario Starting Screen

    • New UI when starting scenario allowing you to configure:
      • Difficulty
      • Max Delivery Range
      • Traffic Size
    • Now mod only comes as one scenario
    Thanks to @Darthbob555 PRT mod and BeamNG time trials menu for inspiration.
  2. Multiple difficulties added!

    • There is now an "Easy", "Medium", and "Hard" version of the scenario
    • The harder it is, the faster you have to drive!
  3. Tweaked difficulty algorithm, fixed unreachable delivery points, and AI respawning optimized

    • Tweaked difficulty algorithm
    • Fixed unreachable delivery points
    • AI now doesn't respawn everytime you reset scenario
  4. More UI info!

    • Now displays:
      • Distance to destination
      • Time left
      • Pizzas Delivered
    • Now fails you when you don't make it to pizza shop on time
    • Traffic size based on your settings
    • Optimizations
  5. Back to original 1500 m maximum distance

    • Back to 1500 m maximum distance because 2500 meters is too far (2500 meters of straight line distance, not actual road distance)
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