Piccolina Engine Pack 1.0

some slightly unconventional engines for the piccolina, mainly for racing

  1. SebastianJDM
    This is simply a pack of engines made in automation and added into the Piccolina. No engine models yet, and they remain air-cooled at the moment. It also includes a 6-speed adjustable sequential gearbox (with no reverse), and a racing config that uses some rally car ratios. Best if used with a 6.0:1 final drive ratio.
    Currently includes:
    • 1.0L I4 Superbike engine - 165hp
    Here's a torque graph:
    That's some 12,000RPM beauty right there. (lots of the time you'll want to shift around 11,000 or just past it for maximum acceleration)

    Things to expect rather soon:
    • proper engine model
    • proper engine weight
    • more intake/exhaust/internals options (possibly a centrifugal supercharger?)
    • liquid-cooling
    • more engines
    • optimization

Recent Reviews

  1. Yota
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome. 1L likes to melt the piston rings, though.
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