Phompsonby Police 1.0

A turn of the century police car

  1. legodude494
    Phompsonby was a majour car builder at the dawn of the car, and so they tried out everything! One such project was the Phompsonby police car, being fast and powerful enough to catch the new motorized criminals without much trouble! It's large enough to accommodate policemen and have space for captured criminals in the back, their largest engine at the time to power it along, as well as any equipment needed to keep it going!

    Some tech specs:
    • A turn of the century inline 4 1.4 litre engine producing a huge 89.7 HP!
    • Nearly 100 Nm of torque, 99.7 to be precise!
    • Top speed of 74 MPH!
    • Longitudinal RWD 4 speed manual gearbox.
    • Double wishbone suspension both front and rear.
    • 5 seater, with space for 3 criminals in the back and 2 police at the front!
    • Baffled exhaust to keep it somewhat quite for sneaking up on criminals!
    I've not found any issues, other than the white trim not loading in Beam, but otherwise there's no faults that I know of!

    Credit to Gizmo for the body and fixtures!

    Also yes, I know beacon lights weren't on really old police cars, but then there weren't any really old police cars, so this is all a 'what if' vehicle anyway, so I put lights on for effect!


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