Pessima Diesel and Turbo Diesel (Incl. Taxi) 1.1

This mod add diesel and turbo diesel , plus a tuned turbo diesel and a million kilometers version

  1. Added a Taxi Variant

    • Added a Italian Taxi variant, including the Taxi sign and the skin
    • Updated configs and thumbnails
    • fixed tuned turbo spooling
  2. 2 years later , big update !

    • 0.16 compatibility
    • new powertrain
    • added new sounds intake / exhaust
    • updated configs
    • updated thumbnails
    diesel_synsol.png old_diesel.png tuned_turbodiesel_synsol_garage_side.png turbodiesel_synsol.png
  3. Updated for 0.9.0.x version of the game

    Updated for 0.9.0.x version of the game
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