Beta Paxel F345 1.5

Racing in the 90s... Now includes a Monster Truck!

  1. Thomas A-N
    It's in the lead, and it's not backing out. Mind you, it can't, when it's big brother is close behind! It's the Paxel F345!

    • AWD
    • 345HP V6
    • 7200RPM Limit
    • 0-60 in 4.9 seconds
    • 6SPD Manual
    • 196MPH Top Speed
    • Relaxing Handling
    A Monster Truck has been added in the new 1.5 update, but that was only because I was bored. Really bored. If you somehow manage to enjoy the lazily modified, tall lump of Paxel F345-M brick, although I highly doubt you will, don't thank me, thank boredom!

    Constructive criticism is appreciated, as I am always happy to improve my mods!

    Many thanks to @a plane guy for helping to fix the new update!

    I hope you enjoy the cars!

    DISCLAIMER: I only just remembered that I needed to clear the previous disclaimer.


    1. screenshot_2022-06-10_17-58-22.png
    2. screenshot_2022-06-10_17-58-54.png
    3. screenshot_2022-06-10_18-00-12.png
    4. screenshot_2022-06-10_18-00-23.png

Recent Updates

  1. 1.5: It's a big one...
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