Owota Chaser 1.0

This pack of 4 cars is based off of a 1997 Toyota Chaser, but with a twist.

  1. Manny K
    This is my first upload on this website:
    Pls comment if you like it:

    Chaser Hatch and sedan have around 350 horsepower
    Wagon = 550 HP
    GreyHorn = 700 Hp
    Each car has a turbo inline 6 and they are all rear-wheel drive.
    Wagon S, GreyHorn, Sedan = Rear engined
    Hatch = Front engined

    They are all a handful to drive without traction control but they are quite fun when you get it right.
    Screenshot34.png Screenshot35.png Screenshot36.png Screenshot37.png Screenshot38.png Screenshot39.png Screenshot40.png Screenshot41.png Screenshot42.png Screenshot43.png Screenshot44.png
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