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Oval Crew LX V8 1.0

The American most-known sedan!

  1. Sir ViTeC Ω
    This is the 2.7m short wheelbase sedan, made by Oval in 1992!
    The Crew is the fleet sedan, fitting a 4-liter naturally-aspirated V8 twin-cam 32-valve that comes from a 1987 Rapida model, developing 255 horsepower and coupled to a 4-speed automatic gearbox system, in a RWD layout.
    In its LX V8 trim level, the crew is a good all-around car, offering ABS and standard safety equipment, such as driver airbag.
    The top speed is claimed to be around 220km/h.
    Suspensions are Double Wishbone at the front and Semi-Trailing Arm at the rear, providing an interesting performance: with a good training, the Crew can be an interesting drifter.

    Certainly, what's most hitting is its sleeper-oriented nature: very luxurious outside and quite fast to be an early-90s sedan.

    Tested in Gridmap:
    The ABS does not help very much on ice surface.
    The Slalom can be performed paying attention to snap oversteer.
    Suspensions behave very well on the low and high blocks.


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