Outdated Otnas CityCruiser 1.5 W4 - Now w/ Quadvector! 1.2

Anueis' finest hatchback, now with all wheel drive

  1. Otnas CityCruiser W4 1.5 - Now with Torque Vectoring!

    Update 1.2:
    - The CityCruiser W4 now has torque vectoring called as 'QuadVector'. It is based on @gtpdzbiz 's Pessima active differentials with a little bit modifications. By pressing F, you could change drive modes from Tarmac, Dirt, Snow, and Drift. Torque vectoring allows to have various power splits in every wheel.

    Thank you :
    @gtpdzbiz for letting me use on the active differential mod.
    @Inn0centJok3r for helping me put the code...
  2. Otnas CityCruiser W4 1.5 - Version 1.1 Update!

    Update 1.1:
    1. New colours have been added.
    2. A more responsive turbocharger is given to the motor.
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