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Beta Old Smokey 2.0

Old Smokey, the baddest shop truck you could ever find.

  1. New Transmission, better rollcage and frame, new sounds available!

    This update includes alot, it includes a proper four speed automatic transmission, a new one of a kind torque convertor for extra hard launch!

    Bigger rear tires, while maintaining the proper aesthetic.

    And one of the most enjoyable features, now as an option to download.
    Custom diesel engine sounds by @TheRustyRagdoll Thank you so much for those. I rezipped them and figured for those who wish to enjoy the beautiful, work of art you have made for sounds, they can...
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  2. Fixed Suspension I think

    So the suspension is perfect for me. I hope it is working for you all now aswell. Old Smokey shall live to drag or drift or whatever!
  3. Fixed extras in initial release

    Update is the same as initial, without extra non needed junk.
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