Outdated (Offroad) Pigeon Pack 2.05

MfD amhpibic challenge

  1. Hotfix

    • Fixed transmission name of the manual transmission for the race version
    • Added sequential transmission for the race version
    • Changed race config
  2. Race and 0.19 update

    New version :)
    1. Fixed inputmaps, bed can now open
    2. Added doors for the 8x8
    3. New 8x8 mesh by @waboll
    4. Added doors for the boat
    5. Added unrealistic battery for the boat, good luck getting that empty
    6. Changed the beds, added breakgroups for better separation
    7. Added race version
    8. Added some configs
    9. Changed thumbnails with the updated showroom tool
    Race version has it's own engine, frame, body and everything. It also has...
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