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Offroad Mega Pack Final

Now you can take all official cars off-road

  1. Final Version

    I am finally done with this pack, as I am no longer working on config packs. So, I have completely redone this mod so it is different and better than the older version in every way. It finally has support for all vehicles that do not already have configs for off-roading. There will no longer be any updates as this is how I have always wanted it to turn out. Enjoy!
  2. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It


    -Completely new configs
    -Completely new thumbnails
    -All cars (Except Burnside, Pigeon and T-series) have off-road variant now
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  3. The update that was long overdue.

    Now the Hirochi Sunburst, Hirochi SBR4, and the ETK I-series all have Off-Road Configs. Also, all the cars are updated slightly.
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  4. The Ricers Are Coming! The Ricers Are Coming!

    Adds a 1990's and 1980's Pessima Off-Roader.
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  5. The update that was needed

    Exactly like the old version
  6. Bruckell, Gavril, Ibishu, and Civette Off-Roaders

    Minor edits
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