Beta Off-Road Grid Map -IT'S BAACCK!!! 2.9.5

Off-Road area the size of Gridmap but you may get lost

  1. Finally!!!

    Finally got around to actually doing some work on this map.

    Removed a lot of the grass overlaying the roads.

    Redid a lot of the roads to make them more accessible and more bumpy as most were pretty smooth and even were at impossible angles.

    Most should be fixed. I may get around to doing the rest at some point but with summer here I'll be at work a lot more.

    Hope you enjoy!!!
  2. Added More Bumpy Roads instead of everything being smooth.

    Decided to take some time and see if I can improve my map a bit. I honestly don't have much patience when it comes to this, especially with a lower end pc, the Map Editor likes to crash a lot and I end up losing a lot of stuff. Trying to get myself used to saving every 2 seconds.

    Anyways, I went through a lot of the roads and made them more off roady, added more bumps and tougher hills, removed some trees, added dirt to the roads instead of just grass covering them.
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  3. Updates:

    -Added multiple spawn points

    -Completely redid the terrain. It was stretched in a lot of places and I couldn't stand the "icy mud", so I removed that.

    -Added new YBR road, I remember in his video he said he likes to roll cars down hills, So I added just that. You can spawn there too, instead of having to drive up the damn near impossible mountain.

    Hope you enjoy!!!!! 20170205045312_1.jpg 20170205042306_1.jpg
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  4. Cosmetic Changes and additions, nothing major

    Cosmetic fixes.
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