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  1. Jammy25
    The Ocelot J-Type 4.2: The 1950s top speed record holder


    Back in the day Ocelot could do no wrong! the fabulous J-Type outperformed all its competition while costing from around a third of the price. This put Ocelot firmely on the map however they've never been able to quite replicate the buzz they caused in the 50s.
    Power: 320hp
    Torque: 309lb-ft
    Top speed: 150mph
    Drivetrain: 4.2 litre i6 with 6 speed manual transmission, RWD

    HighresScreenshot00433.png HighresScreenshot00427.png HighresScreenshot00429.png HighresScreenshot00430.png HighresScreenshot00431.png HighresScreenshot00432.png HighresScreenshot00434.png HighresScreenshot00435.png HighresScreenshot00436.png HighresScreenshot00437.png

    The Ocelot J-Type restomod: back to the present featuring Bob


    The past has returned! And thanks to McLarries CEO, Bob, it is powered by a twin turbo V12 from a McLarry P14 prototype. Bob is mad. it spins out at about 260mph. you've been warned.
    Power: 2000hp +
    Torque 1500lb-ft +
    Top speed: It spins out before it reaches it
    Drivetrain: 10.9 litre twin turbo McLarry V12, 6 speed manual transmission, AWD

    HighresScreenshot00439.png HighresScreenshot00440.png HighresScreenshot00441.png HighresScreenshot00442.png HighresScreenshot00443.png HighresScreenshot00444.png HighresScreenshot00445.png HighresScreenshot00446.png HighresScreenshot00447.png HighresScreenshot00448.png

    Enjoy! - Please feel free to tell me how I can improve this mod.

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  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    1. Jammy25
      Author's Response
      Ah thanks! I’d forgotten about this one
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