[NOT WORKING] SBR4 Plug-in-Hybrid 2.0

Currently not working with new Updates, fix will come

  1. PlayKoyote24
    Known issues:
    - fragile Front Suspension on some variants
    - oil starvation without any appearent reason and irregular
    Please don't rate badly for those issues, I'll work on them (the first Problem was really bad in v 0.1 i didnt upload and it gets constantly better but it needs work and I don't want to overwork the whole front Suspension but I guess I'll have to...)

    Version 2.0 configs:
    - PL_soft, a softer hybrid Version
    -PLH , the classic with base engine and lite Hybrid system
    -PLH+, bigger engine (2.5l) and eLSD
    -PLH-S, more power, front and back, eLSD, bit less weight, better gearbox, sportsuspension, race tires and brakes...
    -PLH-Turbo, 2l turbo with matching motor in front
    -PLH Turbo K-Performance, 2.5l Turbo with massive electric motor and over 1000hp

    Version 2.0 changelog/describtion:
    - adds the PL_soft, a softer version of the PLH, that's basically the base SBR4 with a weaker electric motor in front and the basic cvt
    - improves the classic PLH, that now features a lite electric motor to reduce wear on the front axle and drives a bit better
    - adds the PLH+, that is a PLH, but with the new eLSD at front to fight the massive understeer and the 2.5l stock engine
    -improves the PLH-S, that now features wider race tires, eLSD, slightly tuned gearbox, no bumper support to save weight...
    -improves the Turbo by changing the elctric motor for yet another custom one with custom torquecurve and eLSD
    -K-Performance now has eLSD
    -Cars have preview images

    So... the eLSD is basically "copy the open front diff for the electric motors from beamNG and change the code to make an LSD" because that reduces understeer a bit. As it is now made for electric motors, i called it eLSD.

    The cvt code is borrowed from default0.0players mod, if he doesn't allow this, I'll take the mod down.
    Also, credits for TommoT, who helped me improving the whole battery-situation.

    This mod allows you to have an electric engine spinning the front wheels of your sbr, whilst a normal sbr engine spins the rear ones. Turn off the engine, get you car into neutral and push the gas to use e-Mode.
    The mods adds four variants to the SBR4, aswell as the needed parts to mess around on your own.

    Screenshot1.png Screenshot2.png

Recent Reviews

  1. WoodenAidenFischer
    Version: 2.0
    Great mod! Business in the front, party in the back ;)
  2. Eco-Leaf
    Version: 2.0
    Really nice mod and concept! The only thing I would like is maybe to make it an AWD-e, meaning that the front is powered by thermal motor and the back, only by electricity. That's, I think, how most cars and SUVs are today. I've never seen a car front wheels powered by electricity only... Other than that, keep it up!
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      There's a very good reason for that: Cars like the Mitsubishi Outlander EV have the gasoline engine in the front so they power the front wheels with them and have the electric motor turn the rear wheels. The SBR4 is rear engined, so i had to put the electric motor in the front. I could swap the rear engine for an electric one, but I can't put a gasoline engine in the front. And using the rear engine to turn the front wheels and the front engine to turn the rear wheels would be really stupid. Also: what would be the benefit of having it the other way around? I don't see how that would be better^^ And if the only reason is, that everybody else does it the other way round, then... I'm just different I guess, and wont do the same
      However, I'm happy that you like the mod in general, thank you
  3. Rallu
    Version: 1.0
    A very good idea, but it makes my force feedback go nuts.
  4. iheartmods
    Version: 1.0
    This is an excellent idea. There's a couple of thing to fix. The front electric motor is really shaky and unstable, and it spases out my force feedback on my wheel. Also, reverse does not work.
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Yes, reversing doesn't work correctly. A good workaround is it, to softly increase throttle.
  5. ㅤWU_UTㅤ
    Version: 1.0
    Okay I dig it , nice work.
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  6. Clemens1441
    Version: 0.5
    Found a nice thing u can use other front eletric motor if u need more power or something :) PS nur leider echt vorne sehr schwer .. ;D
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Yes you can use those as i mentioned in the describtion, i just recommend my optimized motor.
  7. carsmin
    Version: 0.5
    nice job.
    i wish the cvt maker allows you
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Thanks ^^
      I'm hoping it too. Btw you can still download his mod and use his great cvt on every BeamNG.drive car
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