Beta Norton-Graham Electronics Entertainment System for the ETK800 1.0 SERVICE PACK 2

Entertainment System for the ETK800

  1. olamercedes
    Basic Description

    This resource adds the Norton-Graham Electronics Entertainment System package for the ETK800.

    Some words of interest

    All i did to the thing was change the boot screen, so if you see anything wrong, don't hesitate, tell me in the Discussion section of the mod page! and I will fix it as soon as possible, and you have my full permission to use it in a video but ask me before you start editing the file!


    DONT PUT IT WITH OTHER MODS THAT MODIFIES THE BOOT SCREEN! it could cause some glitchiness.


    instead of having the version string being 1.0.1 for example, it will be now: 1.0 SERVICE PACK 1.

    To download the resource

    All you have to do to install the resource is to download the file and drag it into your mods folder. or if you have an account is press the green install button and it will automatically do the rest. its that easy!!


    Resource made by: olamercedes


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Recent Reviews

  1. KKG Clan
    KKG Clan
    Version: 1.0 SERVICE PACK 2
    Not bad, Kids this is why you go to school.
    1. olamercedes
      Author's Response
      That is totally true :-)
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