North Pole S Carpack 1.0

4 variatons of a sport hybrid car

  1. ElecDeathblade
    It's nearly christmas and I want to give you a present, and also give another try at making a Polestar-like car. This has 4 variations.
    North Pole S: A sporty hybrid with a 325hp hybrid 2.0l i4 and AWD, easy and cormftable to drive, with a quite silent engine.
    North Pole S FWD Touring Car: With the same engine as the stock version, this is a FWD with semi slick tires, reduced weight and improved aero, perfect track car for a beginner.
    North Pole S Race: With a wide body and highly improved aero, this racecar has 500 hp and a different, agressive engine sound.
    North Pole S Tune Customs: A street legal track car, highly customized and with 460 hp and as loud as the race version, this will make sure that you win those street races.
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