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Neilogical, The Map 2.0

Map for Neilogical with jumps etc.

  1. Port/ 'GridMap' Update

    I added a section by the 'gridmap' part. (Jumps, pipes).
    And I updated the port (more containers, better placement for jumps).


    1. Gridmapupdate.png
    2. Portupdate.png
  2. Bugg fixed and mountain inprovement.

    I fixed some buggs, repared a bridge that was way to high, and I improve the mountains, more like a real mountain. And I try to use AI, but it doesn't work YET.
  3. Bushes

    Just some bushes! and the map works better!
  4. WATER WORKS/ airport

    Water glitch worked! Updated airport!
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