Naturally Aspirated Gavril V8s 0.92

Adds a naturally aspirated version of the 6 litre diesel V8 to the Roamer and D-Series

    Ever wanted a low powered naturally aspirated diesel? This mod is for you.

    This adds the option of a naturally aspirated version of the existing 6.0L diesel V8 to the Roamer and D-Series.
    Early, Stock, and Late intake options are available for different power outputs.

    Just load up any D-Series or Roamer and choose the Naturally Aspirated 6.0L diesel in the configurator, and don't forget to change the fuel to diesel!

    Performance of the engine, with each of the intakes available:

    screenshot_2020-10-28_19-05-14.png screenshot_2020-10-28_19-05-49.png
    screenshot_2020-10-28_19-06-28.png screenshot_2020-10-28_19-07-04.png


    1. upload_2020-10-28_19-14-8.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Omrie
    Version: 0.92
    Love It, Please Remove The Turbo Whistle From All Intakes, Not Just Early One.
  2. Jackets64
    Version: 0.92
    Great mod, you should add the diesel turbos to the gas motors.
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