Beta NASCAR Skin Pack 1.4

A collection of NASCAR skins for vanilla cars.

  1. 60s and Bugs

    Fixed Bugs for Dale Sr and Ron Hornaday Jr. (D-Series)
    New Skins (Gavril Bluebuck)
    JuniorJohnson.jpg FireballRoberts.jpg FredLorenzen.jpg RichardPetty.jpg TinyLund.jpg
  2. Mini Update

    Lost several skins due to accidentally deleting my work folder so i'm just releasing the survivors (':
    RichardPetty.jpg Harvick2.jpg RonHornadayJr.jpg GeoffBodine.jpg
  3. Mini Update 1

    Wendover/Dale Sr- Fixed Sponsor errors
    Pickup/JeffGordon- Updated Colors
  4. Burnside Update!

    6 New Burnside Skins
    PaulNewman.jpg BuckBaker.jpg HerbThomas.jpg JackSmith.jpg MarshallTeague.jpg PaulGoldsmith.jpg
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