Naorl Off-Road Wheels & Tires

OffRoad Wheels & Tires 17x9 33, 35, 36, 38

  1. OffRoad Wheels & Tires 17x9 33, 35,37, 36, 38, dually

    New version 2.0
    3 types of wheels 17x9

    Kipardo - colors: Bronze, Gold, Silver, Red (Metallic paint)
    Naorl style - colors: Black (dirty), Orange and Green (goblin)
    Exagon (new) - colors: Golden and Gunmetal

    4 types of tires
    Mikey Tompson PRO XS in sizes: 33',36',38',42' with clean and dirty textures
    Patagonia M/T in sizes: 33',35',36',38'
    BFGoodritch in sizes: 33',35',36',37',38' and Dually
    Rock Crawler (naorlmod) in size 38'
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