MRS 200 1.0

Lightweight, Fun Mid-Engined Sportscar

  1. G-Farce
    A hoot to drive, very smooth with good balance; full of character and the roar of a V10 to heighten the experience

    NA V10, 200hp
    Driving style: Naturalistic MR, slides effortlessly in turns, grips up real nice. Brakes quickly. Perfect sportscar.
    Interior:Minimal, with color matching seats!
    Windows: tinted
    5 spoke alloy wheels!

    Note: exporter in current state has created some artifacts upon export.


    1. screenshot_2021-01-24_18-35-17.png
    2. screenshot_2021-01-24_18-36-08.png
    3. screenshot_2021-01-24_18-37-31.png
    4. screenshot_2021-01-24_21-29-42.png
    5. screenshot_2021-01-24_21-30-33.png
    6. screenshot_2021-01-24_21-31-32.png
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