More superchargers for LeGran 3.8L V6 1.2.3

Because your bingomobile can never have too much power!

  1. Blowy blower that blows blowfully

    • Updated to use the sound of the new Barstow blower since the old sound blows.
  2. Sound update

    Updated blower volume to make it far less obnoxious after the new update.
  3. Added Stage 1 Block

    Finally added a Stage 1 block so you no longer will have to use the Indestructible Engines mod so you don't grenade the engine with anything higher than the Stage 2 blower.
  4. More superchargers for LeGran 3.8L V6

    Added stage 4 blower. Now grandma can get to bingo in record time!
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