More K-series 1.4

A lot more new configurations for the ETK K-series.

  1. 0.8

    Fixed for 0.8.

    added some new stuff.

    How did this mod get 7,000 downloads?
  2. new cars/fixes

    Version 1.3 :cool:

    "Fixed" broken gauges (not sure why it was happening)

    changed the way the standard intake works on the 2 liter i4

    added a supercharger option to the Gasoline and Diesel 3 liter i6 engines

    added "kc6s" config

    added "stanced" config

    modded the 4 cylinder non turbo version to use the new engine setup
  3. engines

    Version 1.2

    -Changed the way the intake works on the 2.0 I4 w/o turbo.
    -Added a 3.7 Liter I6 Engine, for those who want some extra power ;)
    -Added the "Kc6ts" model, that uses the 3.7L engine. S=Speed :D
    More models to come soon. :rolleyes:
  4. bugfix

    Removed "etk_engine_test" from mod folder, this caused a problem with having two 2.0 liter I4 engines with standard intake
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