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Moonhawk More Engines Mod 1.7

It's efficient!

  1. Forgot things (again)

    Forgot to add some stuff, now fixed hopefully
  2. Minor improvements and fixes

    • Jbeam for i4 engine improved
    • 246 cui I6 added. It is the 244 cui I6, retuned to behave more like an emissions restricted engine
  3. 0.16 update

    • New engine sounds
    • fixed stuff broken by update
  4. Minor improvments and fixes

    • Carburetors and superchargers for Moonhawk are now Jbeamed and have weight
    • Garage pictures have been reduced in resolution, decreasing file size to sensible levels
  5. More Config Fixes

    The autotester utility works again, so all configs now have full performance statistics. Also, the automatic I4 moonhawk now has a high stall converter, which makes it a bit less horrible at low speeds.
  6. Config fix

    Just a quick fix for some messed up configs
  7. More Engines

    Adds some new stuff
    • New 404 cui V8
    • I4 actually has intake manifold
    • More modifications for I4
    • Configs for race I4, 358 and 404 V8s
  8. Texture update

    Some minor changes, plus a new engine
    • I4 engine now has a red valve cover
    • I4 configs now have no passenger side mirror
    • 343 cui V8 added (no configs for now because the autotester is broken)
    You may want to clear your cache before updating due to changed textures.
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