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Monza Real Racetrack Series BeamNG.mania 1.0

Part of the Real Racetrack Series of BeamNG.mania.

  1. Further refinement and improvements to braking zones.

  2. Added more decoration and improved the main straight.

    More decoration was added and the main straight was improved.
  3. Something went wrong with 0.7. Until it is fixed it will be just the new big track layout.

    Now just the new big layout until I figure out why putting two different track layouts into one mod didn't work.
  4. Added the high speed oval and changed to two different layouts.

    Layout 1 (without high speed oval)
    Layout 2 (with high speed oval)
  5. Added some decorations to make anticipating turns easier.

    sidebyside.png BeamNGmaniaMonzaRRS.jpg
    Based on the real racetrack Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

    Created using Google Maps measurements.

    0.6 Added decorations.
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