Beta Molten by mxt333 4.0

Volcanic Activities!

  1. Molten by mxt333

    longer top rail
    new sky way to enjoy the view
    new jump into mini volcano by lavalake
    added a bridge at gas station to get across the crack
    fixed the jump into the other volcano
    the crack is now adjusted to the jumps
    smoldering rock craters around the map
    smoke plumes added to roads cut off by lava (dead give away lol)
    water changes - custom dds for foam and ripples.
    added electrical poles (mostly for detail and story)
    1 more outpost added at lavalake
    stunts now made at lavalake
  2. Molten v3

    Made the 6 outpost's around the map. (mostly for campaign)
    worked on the crack detail and ramps
    added some jumps over new fire fx
    some lava made flowing
    added the farmland and town on other side of crack
    forest beside the cave
    ash now falling from the sky (needs work or color change)
    Detail and pathing at Sandy Snake
    some stretch textures fixed
    Made a pit to hell (might crash game if you go down)
    and no, pit of hell is not the spiral down the volcano ;)
    thast been added as well.


    1. 1.jpg
    2. 2.jpg
    3. 3.jpg
    4. 4.jpg
    5. 5.jpg
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  3. Molten v2

    many many more roads, offroad paths, some more ramps
    worked on the town
    fixed the fire fx
    made custom skybox & BG is done
    5 paths up to main volcano done
    3 paths done to smaller volcano
    tunnel is almost done
    smoother path and textures
    added a lil bmx park beside paradise
    bigger forest
    made the cave but it didnt save :(
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