Miramar Vintage Rally Cup 1.3b

Master the Miramar through a series of stages

  1. Compatibility Patch

    - Fixed campaigns to work with BeamNG.drive v0.16

    - Reworked all car configurations to be are up-to-date

    - Added thumbnail previews for all custom Miramar models

    - Added car statistics to all custom Miramar models in the garage

    - Slightly decreased 'gold time' of all sprint races

    - Greatly increased completion time for each race to make them more accessible

    - Updated various prestage race information
  2. Moderation : Fixes

    Moderation : Fixes
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  3. The 'Livery' Update

    Sorry for the much delayed update.. Life got complicated a way back and I honestly forgot all about the mod. But without further ado, let me present the 'livery' update!

    This update include two new custom liveries for the Miramar.. A VRC rally skin to give it a more vintage look and a Redline Racing GTz skin to amplify the feeling of driving a custom tuned car.

    Both liveries can now be experienced throughout the campaigns or...
  4. Content Patch 1

    This update include various bug fixes and improvements for the East Cost VRC together with an all new campaign.

    East Coast VRC changes
    - Miramar car configuration overhaul
    It now looks and acts as a proper vintage rally car should. Everything has been fine tuned and tested for the best possible experience. The rear suspension will also no longer snap like old twigs. REJOY!

    - Added a few new objects and removed some old ones

    - Adjusted numerous objects to properly align with the...
  5. Missing car configuration hotfix

    This hotfix include new custom Miramar rally configurations to replace the default race setup. Changes include, but is not limited to:
    • New paint job! To make it look a bit more vintage.
    • Lifted suspension
    • Improved LSD
    • 205/55R14 rally tires
    • Adjusted brake bias to prevent understeering while braking
    • Stiffer rollcage
    • New "rally" gear ratio
    It performs very well on dirt and forest trails now, but in exchange it's slightly harder to control on the tarmac....
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