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Miramar Face Parts & Hopper Tailights & Parts 1.022

Exterior parts for the Miramar.

  1. [1.022] Larger spoiler, larger airdam.

    I'm not sure if the aero parts would improve or worsen the car's handling, but they look cool.
    • Add Spoiler Large/Larger
    • Add Airdam Large
    • Add Front License Plate to the front bumper slot
  2. [1.021] Taillights parameters update, new spoiler, minor changes.

    • Changed parts' display names.
    • Adjusted taillights' lighting parameters.
    • Add a new spoiler
      • Spoiler Large
  3. [1.01] Z Coupe Face Alt

    • Included a jbeam file for the Z Coupe Face Alt mod to load the grilles from this mod.
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