Unsupported Ministock 1.08

Ministock from NZ dirt speedway racing series

  1. FFB Again

    Increased FFB strength multiplier from 4 to about 20 which is what the autobello has and now it's much stronger i've tested.
  2. Force Feedback Fix

    Finally figured out the fix for the weak FFB
    So no new real content but it's quite an important fix for wheel users
    If the problem still occurs try clearing your cache/disabling all other mods
    If it still happens after that contact me
  3. moderation update

    fixed color picker ;)
  4. A lot of bug fixes

    • Texture bugs all around the place fixed
    • Nomi 307R Position corrected
    • Exhaust fume fix
    • I6 Exhaust piping rerouted and exhaust added
    • I6 Face normals fixed
    Haven't been able to fix colour picker thing yet but i'll keep trying
  5. Jbeam fixes

    Fixed a couple meshes not existing and removed a load of duplicated and 1 sided beams

    Fixed some texture issues

    Also made the body panels a little bit weaker

    Force feedback might be working now, I still can't test it so let me know if it does
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