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Minato Crawl 1.5

A hard core rock crawling mountain map

  1. Minato Crawl - Small Tweaks

    Just fixed some small issues I found in the map
  2. Minato Crawl - Small Tweeks

    just adjusted some minor things.
  3. Graphics Update + Trail Signs for challenge

    I learned a lot about lighting and importing of signs so the level looks a whole lot better now and the main trail for the challenge marked off.

    Screenshot663.jpg Screenshot661.jpg Screenshot662.jpg
  4. Massive New Rock Garden + Spawn Points


    I Challenge You

    - Drive from the Main Start spawn point and get all the way to the top of the mountain without resetting

    New Content
    - Added a new rock garden for just general rock crawling if you don't want to follow a trail
    - Added multiple spawn points for users to take better advantage of all the work I have put into this map.

    - fixed tree and rock issue where they were not loading

    Screenshot636.png ...
  5. Fixed Tree and Rock Issue


    there was an issue that I had from the beginning where the trees and rocks would sometimes not load into the map making the map basically pointless. I believe that i have hopefully finally fixed this now creating the best rock crawling map currently available for BeamNG.

    The perfect map for the hopper crawler that just came out however the hopper crawler is a bit too capable. I recommend the Hopper Custom
  6. More Rock Crawling Trails

    Officially out of Beta!

    - Added 6 new trails that give even more options to get to the top of the mountain
    - Cleaned up some jagged terrain in places all over the map
    - worked on vegetation some more
  7. Minato Crawl Working

    fixed some text file issues that were making the trees and rocks not load. Should be working now!
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