Beta MD RENDER 1.3.14

A luxurious eco compact SUV

  1. Marto
    MD RENDER luxurious eco compact SUV
    Specs (Tested on 30fps):
    0-100 (km/h) - 6,1sec (wheel acceleration), 6,1sec (air acceleration)
    100-0 (km/h) - 35m
    Topspeed - 255km/h (153mph)
    Engine - inline 3
    Horse Power - ~550hp (~410kw)
    Weigh - 2142kg (4723lbs)
    Drivetrain - AWD

    how to download- y'all probably know but... - Download -> put this file in Documents -> -> mods

    May have better spec with more FPS:p

    some photos:
    BeamNGdrive-019109968-RELEASE-x64284202014_12_55.png BeamNGdrive-019109968-RELEASE-x64284202014_13_08.png BeamNGdrive-019109968-RELEASE-x64284202014_14_00.png BeamNGdrive-019109968-RELEASE-x64284202014_15_41.png

Recent Reviews

  1. cooldriver200
    Version: 1.3.14
    OwO it looks like a nice modern car :D
    1. Marto
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