Beta McLarry Motors 2.0

controllability and careening velocities

  1. MASSIVE tweakage

    4 new cars replacing 3 old cars!
    The P14 and P14GTR prototype cars have been scrapped as the McLarry VELOCITY and VELOCITY GTR are the replacements, and the S14 which was in desperate need of an update has finally been transformed into the S20 also spawning a new S20 GTR variant.

    HighresScreenshot00296.png HighresScreenshot00300.png HighresScreenshot00475.png HighresScreenshot00479.png HighresScreenshot00464.png HighresScreenshot00468.png HighresScreenshot00483.png HighresScreenshot00487.png

    Also on a side...
  2. Minor tweakage

    All speed readings for McLarry models with a topspeed that surpasses 300 will be recorded using airspeed as wheel speed becomes inaccurate.


    The McLarry VELOCITY now has more velocity with improvements to aerodynamics the car now reaches an absurd 539mph!

    The reason this is not update 2.0 is because a larger update to the vehicles designs and updates to the McLarry S14 and P14 will be in update 2.0.

    This mod package will...
  3. Major record breaking tweakage


    With some modification to the JBeam structure, and the deletion of the speed limiter, McLarry's latest VELOCITY prototype reaches 436mph / 703kph

    Im not certain but that might make the McLarry VELOCITY the fastest car in the game! :)

    HighresScreenshot00301.png HighresScreenshot00304.png
  4. Major Major tweakage

    The near finalised McLarry is nearly ready and McLarry have already released the design to potential buyers! Here's a sneak peak:

    HighresScreenshot00031.png HighresScreenshot00012.png HighresScreenshot00013.png HighresScreenshot00014.png HighresScreenshot00016.png HighresScreenshot00030.png

    The finished car is also rumoured to have a V10 as McLarry's tests with various V12 V10 and V8 models showed the V10 to be the best for overall power output, weight and power curve.

    The final name of the car is the...
  5. Tweakage

    I nearly released an update that apart from the modular parts, seemed to be a downgrade. but I played around with the P14's engine and managed to get an extra 100+ hp. simple.

    HighresScreenshot00091.png HighresScreenshot00092.png HighresScreenshot00093.png

    P14 GTR now has an extra 0.01g of cornering force!

    HighresScreenshot00094.png HighresScreenshot00095.png HighresScreenshot00096.png

    The S14 is unchanged but an update is coming!
  6. Minor tweakage and a new model

    Weird string version because its being irritating.

    The McLarry range is expanding! with the introduction of the new McLarry S14 supercar. the first RWD McLarry.


    The P14 has had a minor facelift with brighter headlights and new aero ducting and grills.

    The P14 GTR has had the same ducting applied although 0.1g of cornering g-force seems to have been lost, no idea why. Its slightly more controllable to make up...
  7. [Moderator Update]

    [Moderator] Fixed zip filename
  8. P14 GTR

    The P14 GTR prototype has been released for testing, minus the covers.


    This update introduces the new 10.9 litre twin turbo V12 with 2346bhp and 1817lb-ft of torque. Ive adapted the aero to make use of the new power, the vehicle will do 300mph as tested by me and I changed the colour. weirdly the BeamNG update means that the car goes 5mph slower than the automation claimed top speed, i.e. it should do 305mph but it doesn't... :s
    Somehow I also managed to make the vehicle slightly more driveable, although still tricky, you can now use the power to slide the car...
  10. Not as stable in a straight line but better over bumps

    Have been fettling a bit, not really sure if its improved its a little different but it should still do 300mph (automation claims 299.5 but in you get an extra mph normally) aero is slightly improved.
    Have also been playing around with a more powerful V10 but that seems to suffer from being even more sideways, im guessing because of the decreased weight of the engine.
    for some reason aero in this game doesn't seem to do too much as even though I've changed many aero settings,...
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