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Beta McLarry Motors 2.0

controllability and careening velocities

  1. Minor tweakage

    All speed readings for McLarry models with a topspeed that surpasses 300 will be recorded using airspeed as wheel speed becomes inaccurate.


    The McLarry VELOCITY now has more velocity with improvements to aerodynamics the car now reaches an absurd 539mph!

    The reason this is not update 2.0 is because a larger update to the vehicles designs and updates to the McLarry S14 and P14 will be in update 2.0.

    This mod package will become a package of all McLarry models and smaller packs of McLarry's S14 and S14 GTR, P14 and P14 GTR, VELOCITY will be released as separate models in case people want one McLarry vehicle instead of 5.
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