Beta MBWR Alps 0.10

Alps Map from "World Racing" (2003)

  1. 0.26 compatibility

    • Hotfix for 0.26
    • Minor improvments
  2. Tunnel-Lights & new Backdrop

    • Imported Lights for all Tunnels
    • Extended backdrop and increased view-range
    • Minor improvements to terrain
  3. Fixes & Updates to Snow-Area

    • Fixed some road/terrain spikes
    • Fixed Snowman
    • Updated ski jump model
    • Added 3D Model for mountain bridge
    • Added Trees to multiple spots
  4. Technical improvements & Boats

    • Reduced terrain resolution from 4096x0.6 to 2048x1.2, this should greatly improve performance without losing to much detail.
    • Improved road surfaces
    • Added boats and detail around lake
  5. Texture Update & Cleanup

    • Fixed Errors
    • Updated a few wall-textures
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