Maklara Elysian 1.0

Better than some.

  1. Ocastiâ the Snail Lord
    Ocastiâ the Snail Lord
    Version: 1.0
    so i hope this works: i tried to fix your Elysian, however due to the fact that i have only acces to the Beam NG data, i compleatly rebuild it, and did a lot of things differently, because quite often i just did not have the endurance to try and make something work like you did.
    and well i have to say: im very impressed, don't get me wrong the car is horrible but many of the things you did are actually very good, espechally when it comes to the desing, you have a lot of talent and i think i learned a lot from this, so thank you and you did a very good job wich was ruined by a few bad decisions.
    so here is the: Aperture Automotion Maklara Elysian MK II and the Aperture Akula GT (pretty much just a worse Porsche GT3 Touring) both as Automation (.car) and BeamNG (.zip) Data

    you will need: CB's Buttresses, L5's the Fog Light 4.21, L5's the Lip Vent 4.21 and L5's Rear Diffusors 4.21 mods from steam if you want the cars to work in Automation, whitout them some parts will be missing.

    i really hope someone will enjoy those vehicles, oh btw what racetrack does consider use? i couldn't find it so i used the classic racetrack on the West Coast map the Original Elysian did a 2.06 the Elysian MK II did a 1.46 and the Akula did a1.47

    oh and if someone is still reading this: the reason why the original Elysian dosn't work is because consider used the Short wheelbase version of the chassis, wich is usually a very bad idea, espechally if one plans to use a powerfull engine, then the Turbo B6 is located Transverse... WHY!?! and way to big + consider wanted it to be Turbocharged and rev to 10000 U/min wich just dosn't work and the fact that it dosn't use variable valve timing makes everything worse, then its a rear wheel drive car whit a mediocre manual transmission whit a gear ratio wich is to short for the engine, and to make shure that it really dosn't work it got slim tires, if you want to build a powerfull hypercar, make shure the tyres can support it, otherwhise you just get wheelspin.
  2. MCzenman
    Version: 1.0
    Gotta say, this car is... it's a lot. Overall, I don't really like it, but it has its good points. Let me explain.

    The good:
    Despite Consider's insistence, this car looks *good.* Really good. Seriously, well done! The color is great, the front end looks low and mean, the back end is bold and powerful. Overall, great stuff there. Grip levels are fine too - there's plenty of turn-in, and were it not for the engine, this car would probably be a handling beast. But...

    The bad:
    The engine is a peaky mess. Seriously, it's one of the worst engines I've seen in the game so far. 1,300 horsepower is great on paper, but not when you can't put it down. The turbos push out 30 holy-crap-why PSI of boost, and does it super high in the rev range, and as a result the car does nothing, nothing, nothing, until the turbos spool, and then it's wheelspin for days until you crash, which you will, a *lot.* And this isn't just an issue taking off - it happens when you're accelerating out of corners, when you upshift, and really when your revs dip for any reason at all. Combined with the huge amount of lift the rear end seems to generate at high speed, you'll never feel confident enough in the car to actually *use* all 1,300 horses. The result is a car that is a chore to drive, that you have to pedal and fight constantly, and that'll make you want to pull your hair out just trying to get it to go four seconds without crashing. Not recommended for anyone trying to go fast.
  3. TheOddModder
    Version: 1.0
    Pictures look like its a Matchbox or Hot Wheels car, looks great!!
  4. trm7
    Version: 1.0
    im impressed that you somehow made a car drive this bad
  5. LuisTaco47
    Version: 1.0
    :) love it
  6. nowysen
    Version: 1.0
    speedy boi
    i liek 420/69
    best automation car ever
  7. Marto
    Version: 1.0
    1. Consider
      Author's Response
      You weren't supposed to see this yet lmao
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