Lunar Lander 0.9

The Apollo-Era Lunar Lander

  1. Occam's Razer
    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first successful manned moon landing, I've created as accurate a vision of the Apollo 11's Eagle Lander as I could given a variety of online references and around three months of work.
    Also included is a level with a LOLA LRO-based fully-3d moon, complete with moon landing scenario.
    • As I was largely limited to online resources, there will be some historical inaccuracies. I've especially noticed some accidental omissions on the descent stage.
    • The craft has no decorated interior, and unfortunately no sounds. Sorry, ran out of time!
    • To allow the vessel to reach plausibly orbital speeds, the craft's collision triangles have no drag.
    • The engine thrust *should* be accurate for both engines, so a takeoff on Earth gravity is impossible.
    • Due to the way gravity is handled in scenarios, you may need to reset the 'Moon Landing' scenario a time or two before starting.

    Well, there are a lot of them.
    Arrow keys - Pitch and Roll, via RCS thruster blocks and vectoring the engine nozzle (when applicable).
    F and H - Yaw, using just RCS.
    Space - Stage separation.
    T and G - Throttle controls. On the descent [first] stage, these increase and decrease the throttle, respectively. On the ascent [second] stage, T activates the throttle as long as it's held down.
    Z and X - Additional throttle controls. On the descent stage, they cut and max out the throttle, respectively. On the ascent stage, X holds the throttle on until the throttle is cut (Z), or T is pressed and then released.
    P - Extend/retract the landing legs.

    Big thanks to reddit moderator chain83 for sharing his downsampled version of the LRO DEM with the community.

Recent Updates

  1. Better Moon
  2. Minor Bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. BoredBeam
    Version: 0.9
    I like it but thrust doesnt work for earth gravity and i cant see the thrust ...
  2. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 0.9
    This has to be one of the most under-rated mods on this forum,
    Its really interesting what you can do with this, you can fly it through space, do a moon landing, fly over wcusa, be a meteor, the list is endless.
    Great mod!
  3. GotNoSable!
    Version: 0.9
    Can't believe that the moon isn't rife with easter eggs already. I feel like that may change soon however.
  4. fylhtq7779
    Version: 0.9
  5. Cubecast
    Version: 0.81
    It is great! Also default0.0player, it works better if you type obj:setPlanets({0,0,0, 850, 9.18e16})
  6. Valve Anti-Cheat
    Valve Anti-Cheat
    Version: 0.81
    This is a beautiful mod and I can tell a lot of effort went into it. It is very fun to fly and I love the fact that you can detach the two stages. I do hope more will be done to improve it in the future, such as a cockpit view and sound. Perhaps there is a way to fix how the camera view freaks out when it's flying vertically?
  7. Coshei
    Version: 0.81
    Drake approves! :P
  8. qweter1006
    Version: 0.81
  9. fylhtq7779
    Version: 0.81
  10. 25ccSupercharged
    Version: 0.81
    I've been wondering how well the engine would do with space stuff.. That's a fun step in that direction. Great work :) Next up, to scale? :P (I realize the engine would probably go crazy first with the numerical-precision-related shaking at larger scales)
    1. Occam's Razer
      Author's Response
      Larger planets/space: the graphics would shake and shutter like crazy, but the physics would be okay with it. Larger spacecraft, on the other hand, might actually be entirely doable.
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