Outdated LSX Swapped Gavril Vehicles 0.32

A High Powered LSX thrown into a Gavril Roamer

  1. Sorry for the long wait...

    This has been updated to the newest version of the game and fixed a couple issues and slimmed some material.cs files.
  2. Bug Fix: Coupe Turbos renamed in .dae

    Just a quick fix for the 200BX having the wrong models.
    May need to clear cache to see differences.
  3. Grand Marshall added, Old Transmission Removed and New Tires!

    In this update I have added the following, hopefully everyone enjoys it:
    Grand Marshall with LSX
    A new 5-speed DCT Transmission
    New Tires on the same rims
  4. D-Series added! Bug Fixes

    This is a quick update that includes the following(no new file name):
    D-Series Swapped LSX
    Fixed misnamed config for Roamer
    Fixed 5-Speed Transmission only being a 4-Speed
    Preparation for other vehicles
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