LSEV L1 2nd Gen 2021-Present 2.1

Remember the L1? Well, it has a new generation that just come out. It's safer, better, and FASTER.

  1. I swapped the engine, for a smaller, but better engine, LSEV Aprooved.

    The engine was horrible, so I swapped it for a smaller, more reliable engine. it now does only to 19.4 KM/H (121.04 MPH), But it's not a big much. It has a smoother acceleration, because that V8 made it terribly fast acceleration, considering the Car's weight, and size. Still, gonna use it later, on a race model, but not on the base model. As you see this, you will have not seen this had a V8, but still will. For now, enjoy this, the 1ST Gen 2009-2020 Trim 18, and all my other...
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