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"LookAhead" Interior Camera 2.1

Never drive into your blind spot anymore

  1. Compatibility fix for 0.20

    Fixed bug which breaks the game
  2. Compatibility update for the new game version

    - switched from unsupported serialization functions to json coder functions
    - removed old "lookAhead" camera
  3. Fixed performance bug

    Refactored the code for ~20% performance increase. Added a deprecation warning to old camera.
  4. Fixed save settings, added look back function

    Fixed settings were not saved. The settings now work on the fly.
    Also added a look back function which works with the default binding.
  5. Fixed error, added App hide functionality

    Fixed an error with a nil value calculation. Added the functionality to disable ui-apps via the native "Hide in cockpit" checkbox. Also fixed a typo in a debug message. The settings app also features a checkbox to disable the reverse look feature.
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  6. fix modded cameras not loading

    The camera script gets loaded from the core_camera module, but apparently the core_modloader is loading the mod after the core_camera modules was initialised and thats to late. I build a workaround with a UI app. In order to work you must add the "fixModdedCamerasNotLoading"-app to your UI. The app can also be uses by other developers. It simply triggers a reinitilisation of the core_camera module.
  7. Small update of the code changes introduced in 0.15

    Small update of the code changes introduced in 0.15
  8. Added new cam called "driveAhead"

    Added new cam called "driveAhead"
  9. Automation update

    With this update the camera also works with the automation cars.
  10. Speed dependent

    I adjusted the lookahead sensitivity in dependent to the speed of the car. Thanks @lord_of_the_wolves for the suggestion.
    I created with this graph visualiser a graph:
    On the y-axis is the sensitivity and on the x-axis is the car speed in kmh.
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