Long Expressway Tre

Definetly not goin' 80 km/h

  1. justaguy
    This map is Literally just a long bridge, with some emergency lots every now and then and some land at each end.

    FPS Friendlyness: Very friendly

    Lore: the Heartown bridge was built in 1950 but collapsed in 1984, reconstruction began in 1985 but the bridge project lacked a bit of funding, so they made the lanes narrower. Leaving it in a long ''under construction'' state.

    This map doesn't have any AI roads yet. im working on that.

    This map is designed for high speeds, but being based on real Italian SS (Strada Statale). The lanes are narrow.
    To be Specific, the map features:

    A straight Expressway (now a dual carriageway) with Land highways on each end.
    Narrow lanes (one Citybus wide)
    Many empty emergency lots. (not as many as the A18 but still many)
    Some custom speed limit and No overtaking signs (the way the poles curve mimic the italian highway signs usually seen on bridges.)(also, there is a toll now on one end).

    Here are basic screenshots:
    benannt.png Unnnt.png

    If your map doesn't match the changelog, do not worry, try updating the map later.

Recent Updates

  1. Airport
  2. Dual carriageway Update

Recent Reviews

  1. 404error
    Version: Tre
    FPS friendly and good for creating crashes
  2. Angry_Bird
    Version: Dos
    Nice update! Also plz make a discussion thread for this mod too. My suggestions is that on the default end of the expressway put an airport ported from the Italy map and on the ocean end put a ferry port (you can port it from the Docks and use the structure port from other maps too)
  3. Lewhik
    Version: Dos
    Improvement has happened! One thing I'd still like to point out though, is simply the basicness of Textures on your own Models, and you need Grass, then it'd be much better
  4. G-Farce
    Version: Dos
    I mean I can't really call this average so 3.5 stars I look forward to updates to textures that's what this needs the grass looks like mobile.
  5. Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Version: One
    Does what it says on the box, but the lack of shading/textures as well as the narrow lanes doesn't feel good to drive on. The bumps also make it feel a bit cheap and poorly made... I'm not sure if these features are intentional in order to make it feel more realistic, but I'd rather quality of life over realism. Hope to see this map improve overtime because it's nice otherwise
  6. teodor99
    Version: One
    well the map is nice. i wont say the best due to the plain design but i can definitely say the roads are simply wide enough. despite other claims.

    excellent build. cant wait to see what else ye got planned
  7. Angry_Bird
    Version: One
    Liked the concept but could you please make the lanes wider? As well as more lanes if you can? Maybe consider putting gas stations and workshops for every mile or kilometer of the road? Still has great potential though.
  8. KèrozéN
    Version: One
    Piegons looks like trucks on this map.
  9. tillablepower8363
    Version: One
    i like this so far. i can now test my cars at rapid speed. however. going the wrong way can lead to my tires popping as the road isn't fully straight and some of the roads are higher than the other. but very good map!

    Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOVmz5zCfZY
  10. smh_ss
    Version: One
    road is too narrow and the map overall looks like it was made in roblox
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